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Direct Debit Tips for Gyms

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What Is A Direct Debit Payment?

Direct debits for health and fitness centres are crucial to success and receiving monthly recurring revenue from your clients. It’s no secret that the health and fitness industry is competitive in Australia. In a competitive landscape, it’s important to make every single touchpoint easy to use for customers. Payments are a key touchpoint, so it’s so crucial that you get it right from the get-go. Many customers can often abandon the payment process if it seems too hard.

Your payment system should be a tool to build your success, not a roadblock to your progress. The platform that you choose to use, should not just be easy for your customers to use, but also for you! Don’t be left behind when it comes to your direct debit for your health and fitness business. Having efficient and simple systems in place gives your customers the flexibility to have an affordable gym membership. Customers should be able to focus on their training and fitness goals, whether it is group classes, personal training sessions or just turning up to the gym.

Get gains on your business: Why Use Direct Debit for Your Business?

A club management software means you can take care of your wider business goals and growth plans. Staying ahead of your competition means you need regular cashflow, so you need effective payment systems in place.  

 When you choose to direct debut gym membership, you will want your system to be tailored to your members and what they need. Whether you’re a wellness centre or a fitness club, keep your customers focused on their fitness goals rather than how they pay.  

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Cut the fat: Benefits for using a direct debit solution:

To survive the shred off between your business and your competition, you want to make sure your gym management software is compatible. Managing memberships, keeping track of classes helps streamline membership and all your online systems should work seamlessly together. Here are our direct tips for gyms:

  • Give your customers options
    Customers think differently when buying subscriptions versus one off transactions. Customers feel more comfortable parting with a smaller amount than they do a larger amount. Weekly payments are the most popular amongst consumers that are flocking towards subscriptions. Weekly payments mean it is easier to budget over the week, rather than paying a larger lump sum amount.
  • Improve your flexibility
    for your customers  Studies show that customers prefer to pay on Mondays, Thursdays, or Fridays. If you fit in with your member’s lifestyle they can pay when it suits them and will keep them coming back again and again. If everything is created around your target audience, then why should your payment process be different? Payment solutions that can integrate with your digital tools are the best way to future-proof your health and fitness business.
  • Don’t stress about reversals
    We know to expect a few payments to bounce back for numerous reasons, such as insufficient funds. The key is adopting a direct debit company that makes it easy and simple for you to follow up on missed payments.
  • Avoid credit control
    Your credit control needs to have clear processes so you can have consistent cash flow. Having difficult processes in place can eat up a lot of your administration budget. A direct debit solution for your health and fitness business means that you can focus on having great services, while your debit partner can manage credit control.
  • Security matters
    With the rise of online security concerns, data also remains important to the fitness sector. Keeping your customer’s information secure keeps you compliant with the Australian industry regulations.
  • Save time and money
    If your customers want to change their payment schedule or to change their account information, your direct debit platform needs to be simple to use. Find a partner that can be tailored to your customer needs and can adapt to your needs as well.
  • Options, options, options
    Keep it simple! Direct debit acts like a buy now, pay later which makes services more affordable for your customers. Account approvals with Biz Core can happen in just 24 hours and we’re dedicated to setting everything up as soon as possible.
  • Increase retention
    Once a customer signs up to a system that they need to set up again, they become less likely to move. Direct debit plans in the form of gym memberships are reliable, easy to use and more secure.
  • Work out with your other systems
    An intuitive system can work with your systems and find opportunities to grow. You can automate your data and reporting so you can keep better track of your funds and plan your future growth. Tag your members in a way that best suits you.
  • Have regular cash flow
    With direct debit, you can grow and invest as you see fit! Rather than having to wait for a large sum of money, you can develop your business as you need.

Keeping your business fit by using Direct Debit for Gym Memberships

Introducing direct debit for your health and fitness club could be the right tool to underpin your fitness goals. No matter how small or large your club is, collecting gym memberships has 3 top benefits. 

  • Increasing member retention by decreasing payment defaults and making the payment process easier for them.  
  • Allows you to increase fees and add extra service costs efficiently.  
  • Reduces membership and payment admin by always keeping you in the loop automatically.

Keep member experience at the heart

To stay ahead and outlast your competition, your health and fitness business needs to place the member experience at the heart of your whole operation. This includes the payment process. You can save on admin tasks by integrating your payment solution with your gym management software. When you have everything in one place, you can focus more on growing your business or providing more services to your clients. Data and reporting can help you implement the best solution for your business, improve engagement and increase retention. Contact Biz Core today for a personalised solution to your direct debit. We are committed to finding you a solution that best works for your fitness business!  

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