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Biz Core™ is an Australian owned and run direct debit payment provider, dedicated to providing Australian and New Zealand merchants of all kinds with an easier way to manage your money. Direct Debit is a payment solution to collect payments from a customer or client account without needing approval for each transaction. It is quick, secure, and convenient for your business and your customers. There are many direct debit providers to choose from but having the right one makes it easier for your business to adopt direct debit payments.

Biz Core™ is just like having your own personal admin helper – a direct debit system that will save you time and hassle. Our direct debit solutions are designed for businesses, both large and small. Our online system keeps you up to date with all your direct debits, sends you notifications and provides you with a hub where you can easily oversee your cashflow.

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We think that direct debit providers should be easier to use. That’s why Biz Core wants to offer you a simple and seamless way to automate your payments. This gives you back that time to focus on the more important things that matter.

What is the Biz Core Direct Debit system?

Biz Core’s direct debit solutions save you time and hassle with a better, flexible payment solution. We help you with setting up a direct debit payment for your business through our simple and versatile platform so you can stop chasing your customers for payments.

Using a direct debit solution is ideal for:

  • Charging a recurring fee for services
  • Subscriptions
  • Membership fees
  • Repayments
  • Billing
  • Donations

Why Biz Core to manage payments?

The easiest way to get paid

Our direct debit solution has an easy-to-use online dashboard that keeps you in control. Biz Core’s payment solutions streamline your processes and allow you to track payments as you need. We can automatically track you customer information so you can keep your customers for longer. Our intuitive direct debit solutions help you segment and tag your customers so you can find new areas of growth. Invest your time in growing your business and let technology do all the heavy lifting.


It pays to be with Biz Core

Biz Core direct debit gives you two options for transaction fees:

  • Pass on the cost to your clients – at a maximum transaction fee of $1.99
  • Absorb the transaction fee – with the inclusion of a monthly rebate, this becomes a low-cost absorption for your business

To put it simply, Biz Core™ gives you a commission on successful transactions that you process every single month. Yes, you read that correct – essentially, we pay you for using Biz Core. Our commission structure allows you to recoup part of your transaction fee. To make the process even easier, you won’t incur any set up costs or hidden fees with the Biz Core™ direct debit platform! With this fee structure, you can keep more money in your pocket whilst keeping your admin costs down.

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Simple and easy to integrate

Our Australian, onshore customer support team is ready to help make the transition to a direct debit system easier. Over the past decade, we’ve learned that one of the major frustrations from business owners using direct debit as their primary method of payment is paying ongoing fees to receive their money.

At Biz Core™ we understand this frustration because we’ve also been in the same shoes. That’s why we’re trying to reduce the burden of accepting payments.

Biz Core’s Direct Debit Features

Rebates Commissions


Receive money back on successfully processed transactions. Every month, we reward our valued clients for using Biz Core™ by providing a lucrative commission – not available with any other provider! Reduce the economic impact to your business by using Biz Core™.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Getting on board with Biz Core is quick and simple, with account approval within 24 hours. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just provide your details online and wait for verification, log into your account to complete your information profile and now you’re ready to start processing payments!

Intuitive System

Intuitive System

Biz Core’s dedicated payment platform is much more than a smarter way to process payments. With a simple to use platform offering automatic reporting, data and insights at your fingertips, you can track every dollar, identify trends and forecast for the future with Biz Core’s intuitive dashboard.

Real Time Control

Real-time Control

Have the ability to update and cancel payments in real-time. While we all love the set and forget method, we also understand that circumstances can change in an instant which is why we’ve made it really simple to alter your transactions as you need to. Speedy set up.

Scalable Flexible

Scalable & Flexible

Don’t let technology hold back your ambitions. We’ve designed our payment solutions to be completely scalable and flexible, so they’re ready to grow with your business. From start-ups to largescale enterprises, Biz Core is equipped to tackle your changing payment needs.

Better Security

Better Security

Biz Core is kitted out with military-grade encryption technology and continuously engages in security audits to uphold stringent security standards. We understand the importance of robust data security, which is why we make it our business to protect ours.

How Direct Debit works

1. Set

Enter the payer details into Biz Core™ and set the payment schedule. The platform has purpose-built tools to make this quick and painless.

2. Sign

Once set, our smart software will automatically email a direct debit authority form to the payer which can be signed online.

3. Forget

Biz Core™ knows when the form is signed and will store it for you. Direct debits will now be automatic from the first scheduled payment date.

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