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Biz Core exists to help small to medium sized businesses and lenders

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Lending solutions

Biz Core is an end-to-end loan management platform with lead generation, loan origination, loan servicing and debt management features. A complete, all-in-one solution for lenders.

Payment processing solutions

Biz Core is an easy-to-use online payment processing solution that helps businesses to improve their cash flow via a secure payment gateway and payments collection automation.

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Lending solution

Loan origination and servicing, loan book and lifecycle features all in one. Ideal loan management system for SACC and MACC.

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Payments collection

Easy-to-use payment gateway and payment automation for credit card and debit card payments.

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Our team

James Goddard

Quality Analyst

Dominic Balke

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Spoto

Project Manager

Mani Fard

Lead Software Developer

Rita Tekchandani

Senior Cloud/System Manager

Huining Li

Senior Software Developer

Renato Ichimori

Senior Software Developer