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Online Payment Processing Solution

Create a seamless payment experience for your customers with an online payment processing system tailored to your industry.

Online Payment Processing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Our simple online payment processing solution makes managing your income and cash flow a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re managing subscriptions, fees, repayments, or any other type of ecommerce transaction.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Make the customer experience that much better with direct debit integration, so they can pay from a wide range of banking institutions.
Learn more: Direct Debit Services

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments

Handle any type of recurring or subscription payment with ease. No matter the payment type, frequency, or logic required, we’ve got the system in place to make it a breeze.
Learn more: Recurring Payment Processing

Payments Gateway

Payments Gateway

Don’t need the whole payment processing system? No worries, use your own merchant facilities and just make use of our simple payment gateway.
Learn more: Online Payment Gateway

Membership Payments

Membership Payments

Get members signed up, set the payments schedule, and then let Biz Core handle the rest.
Learn more: Membership Payment Processing

Payment Automation

Payment Automation

Increase business efficiency and know you’re getting paid on time. Automation features ensure you can instantly send out receipts, handle failed payment notifications, and log any customer contact.
Learn more: Payment Automation Solutions

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

Securely accept and process credit card payments with ease. All credit cards accepted.
Learn more: Credit Card Payment Processing

Why Use Biz Core Online Payment Processing


Your data is safeguarded using multilayered Microsoft Azure Cloud Security. With built-in security controls and real-time global cybersecurity intelligence to rapidly identify and stop new threats, you never need to worry about data leaks.

No Set-up Fees

We know running a small business is hard. So we don’t charge a set up fee. In fact, with Biz Core, you only pay for what you use. That’s right, $0 set-up fee – what’s not to love!

Easy Integration

Make your life easier with our robust 3rd party integration facilities. Key external functions like card payment processing and gateway integration are part of the complete Biz Core payment package.

Real-time Control

Make live changes as you work. Get real-time data to keep you in the know and in control.

Scalable & Flexible

Our payment processing solution is built to scale as your business does. As your business needs evolve, Biz Core adapts, so you know you’re secure for life.

Simple Online Payments

We make payment processing a breeze. Whether it’s recurring payments, one-off payments, or invoice payments, Biz Core has you covered.

100% Aussie Owned & Operated

Our digital lending solutions are all done locally to meet your uniquely Aussie business needs.

Hear What Our Clients Say

Harcourts Property Centre

Their systems are not only first class, but they have been willing to create purpose-built solutions to best suit the needs of our business.

Aaron Brooks – Director

Our partnership with Biz Core has largely eliminated the challenging task of managing critical incoming revenue through our player registrations and membership subscriptions, enabling us to focus on the key areas of the club that help us improve on the value we offer our members.

Oakleigh Districts Football, Netball & Cricket Club

Swoosh Finance

Not only have they facilitated a significant amount of growth and diversity in our products, but they have provided exceptional agility and capacity to find solutions.

Brent McIntyre – Director


The Biz Core platform manages everything I need in a loan origination and management system with a clean interface that is easy to use. The system wasn’t designed to do exactly what I ask of it, but that didn’t deter the team at Biz Core, whose local support always responds quickly and with genuine interest to help. I have formed real relationships with the team and always receive a positive outcome.

Shannon Moore – Director

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Get everything you need for your business integrated into one user-friendly system.

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Online Payment Processing FAQs

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How can my business take recurring payments online?

Recurring payment software, such as Biz Core, can help you take recurring payments online. The process usually includes:

    1. The customer elects to pay via recurring payments.
    2. They will then agree to the terms and conditions, the payment amount, the payment schedule and the end date.
    3. The customer will provide their payment information and consent for the business to securely store this information.
    4. Recurring payments will take place with the recurring payment software managing the transaction.
    5. Lastly, your customer will receive an invoice listing the payment details. You may also choose to send them a notification or reminder alerting them to the next date of payment.


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How do direct debit payments work?

A direct debit is an authorised automatic transaction that transfers funds from a customer's bank account, rather than their debit or credit card, to a merchant's account. Direct debits are often used for recurring scheduled payments, though they can also be used for one-off payments.


Once you and the customer have agreed on the amount to be debited and the payment schedule, your customer will need to provide you with their BSB and account number. The customer will also need to complete a direct debit authority form. Then, once the form is signed, the customer’s account will be debited according to the amount and schedule agreed upon.

What are examples of recurring payments?

There are a wide range of recurring payments that businesses use, common examples include:

Membership fees

Phone bills

Utility bills