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Biz Core™ Direct Debit Solutions for Accounting & Bookkeeping

If you’re looking for a direct debit management system for your finance company, accounting or bookkeeping you’ve come to the right place. With Biz Core™ accounts payable automation, you’ll reap a range of benefits to help make running your business finances smoother, simpler and easier to manage.

Direct Debit Solutions for Accounting & Bookkeeping
Cash Flow Management

Effective Cash Flow Management with BizCore™

Speedy Set Up
Setting up your direct debit with Biz Core™ is quick and simple. With an account approval within 24 hours, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Just provide your details online and wait for verification, log into your account to complete your information profile and you’re ready to start processing payments.

Convenient, Simple & Time Saving Payments
Get your payments on time, every time. Biz Core™ delivers benefits to accountants of all sizes. Just like having your own personal admin helper, Biz Core™ provides you and your clients with tailored payment solutions, helping you save time and hassle, as well as improving your cash flow for better business operations. But most importantly, we give you that time back to focus on the more important things that matter.

Intuitive System & Automatic Reporting
Our dedicated direct debit payment platform is much more than a smarter way to process payments and provide invoices to your clients. With a simple-to-use, online intuitive dashboard offering automatic reporting, data and insights at your fingertips – you can track every dollar, identify trends and forecast for the future, so you can start organising your business growth plans today.

Military Grade Security
We understand the importance of robust data security which is why we make it our business to protect yours. Our direct debit payment system is encrypted with a military grade security system that limits any potential threat to your data, keeping it safe and easy to use. Our online payment system continuously engages in security audits to uphold stringent protection standards.

Effective Cash Flow Management

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Automation System


Direct debits are taken automatically on the scheduled dates, giving you time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

Biz Core E-Signing

Online E-Signing

We provide online e-signatures for your customers and members so there’s no messy paperwork.

Daily Reports Laptoptile

Daily Reports

Just because we’re taking care of your payments for you, doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark.

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