Direct Debit Solutions for Real Estate

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Biz Core™ Direct Debit Solutions for Real Estate

Biz Core™ direct debit payments system is designed to make real estate management a breeze for your business.

With Biz Core™, our advanced direct debit platform automates payments quickly and efficiently so you can benefit from improved cash flow and eliminate lengthy paperwork and data entry filing. Just like having your own personal admin helper, our direct debit payments solution saves you the time and hassle so you can focus your energy on more important things that matter.

With Biz Core™ in place, our intuitive system provides your real estate business or body corporation with a smarter way of processing payments. Our real estate direct debit services include automatic reporting, data and insights at your fingertips for the best possible ways of tracking your income and forecasting for future spending.

Direct Debit Solutions for Real Estate
Direct Debit Solutions

No More Chasing Rental Payments

At Biz Core™ we understand chasing rental payments from tenants can be a huge source of stress. With Biz Core™ rental direct debit solutions, you can ensure payments are paid on time, every time. While most properties require rent on a monthly basis, our direct debit system gives you the option of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments plans to better manage your cashflow and offer tenants flexibility within their rental contracts. To help you and your tenants stay on track, Biz Core™ sends automated notifications via text or email as reminders for when payments are due or haven’t gone through.

Flexible Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA)

As any real estate agency would know, VPA is essential when putting a property on the market to help find buyers. At Biz Core™, we understand marketing a property can be extremely costly. Keep your clients happy by taking the stress away from upfront fees with weekly, fortnightly or even monthly payments to help them finance their property marketing expenditure. With Biz Core™ collecting VPA payments has never been easier.

Vendor Paid Advertising Payment
Corporate Manageable Payment Plans

Better Cash Flow for Body Corporate Maintenance

Give owners the flexibility they need with Biz Core™ direct debit online payments. Setting up direct debit with Biz Core™ is simple, easy and an efficient way to ensure your payments are collected on time. With the option of smaller, manageable payment plans for owners, your body corporation has the freedom to spend money as you receive it, giving you better control and maintenance of your building and its resources. How good’s that?!

How We Can Help You

Sporting Clubs

Businesses Of All Kinds

Our direct debit payment solution can assist sporting clubs such as swimming schools, AFL clubs, gymnastics clubs and more.

Automation System


Direct debits are taken automatically on the scheduled dates, giving you time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

Daily Reports Laptoptile

Daily Reports

Just because we’re taking care of your payments for you, doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark.

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