Direct Debit Solutions for Rentals and Leasing

Biz Core’s rental direct debit solutions offer a flexible and convenient way to pay, increasing your affordability for your customers.

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Direct Debit Solutions for Rentals and Leasing

Biz Core’s rental direct debit solutions offer a flexible and convenient way to pay, increasing your affordability for your customers. The convenience of automation can increase customer retention and improve customer service.

Biz Core offers tailored direct debit solutions – so whether you’re leasing property or managing a fleet of trucks, you can ensure that you get paid on time. Contact us for a free demo today and see how easy it is to migrate to an online system.

Direct Debit Solutions for Rentals and Leasing
Direct Debit Solutions for Rentals and Leasing

Rent Paid on Time

Small businesses need strategies in place to deal with late payments and unpaid invoices. Late payments are an ongoing problem for all business, particularly in Australia. According to research, Australian businesses receive their payments consistently late – almost 10 days overdue.

By using direct debit software, new tenants can use a system that automate their rent and removes the chance of late payments. Tenants or clients can often forget to make the bank transfer that allows the rental provider to be paid on time.

Using a tailored, personalised system, your clients can organise the rental agreement for a date and frequency that suits them. Once a direct debit is set up, your renters can easily pay the rent every month. Payment is automated for your renters, saving you time so it’s a win-win for both of you. Direct debit systems will ensure your payments are received at a fixed time and date, which can even lead to better relationship and better business.

How does Biz Core™ rental direct debit work?

Direct debit systems can help take the stress out of collecting payments. With Biz Core, we can easily send the necessary forms to your clients and customers. They can choose what percentage of the rent they pay and how often they would like to pay (weekly, fortnightly, monthly). Once the system is set up, rent will be automatically taken out of their account on a schedule that best suits them. Many choose the day after pay day, so they know that they have enough money in their account! Our easy-to-use online dashboard can help you visualise where each dollar is going, while being flexible enough to work with your client’s requirements.

If your business offers an expensive service or item, direct debit can make your goods or services more affordable for potential clients. Rather than paying a large lump sum payment upfront, you can give your customers the option to pay in frequent instalments.

Direct Debit Solutions for Rentals and Leasing

Effective Rent and Lease Management with Biz Core™

Rental providers can use a large chunk of time and resources chasing up failed or late payments. Effective rent and lease management can help your business collect payments with ease, which can encourage returning clientele.

Benefits and features of rental direct debits

Some benefits of direct debit solutions for rentals and leasing include:

  • Daily Reporting: We’ll send you trends and updates so you can easily see your cash flow.
  • Instant accounting: Direct debit makes payment almost instant.
  • Repeat transactions: Customers don’t have to remember to approve payments, so it simplifies their life.
  • Tagging: Tag your clients based on what they rent or lease. Create the tags that best suit your business.

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Is it better to pay rent by direct debit?

Direct debit is an automatic transaction that makes it easier for your tenants to pay rent. Rather than remembering to transfer on a certain date or overdrawing your account, you can choose a payment day that best suits you.

Can I cancel my rent direct debit?

To cancel direct debit for renting, you will need to contact your bank and the service provider. If your tenant wants to do this, you need to discuss it with them.

How do I pay commercial rent?

Before starting the rental agreement, the renter and the rental provider should agree on how the rent is paid. The rental provider must tell the renter about any costs they will have to pay for the payment method and provide one payment solution that doesn’t pass on a fee.

If you are a rental provider, absorbing low-cost fees would be a way to ensure this.

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Daily Reports

Just because we’re taking care of your payments for you, doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark.

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Tag your customers and members. ‘Class One’, ‘Parents’, ‘Summer Care’ – create the tags that suit your business.

Automation System


Direct debits are taken automatically on the scheduled dates, giving you time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

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