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Direct Debit for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Biz Core offers fast, versatile and flexible direct debit for accountants in a cloud-based system you can trust.

Effective Cash Flow Management

If you’re looking for a direct debit management system for your finance company, you’ve come to the right place. With our accounts payable automation, you’ll reap a range of benefits to help make running your business finances smoother and simpler.


Speedy Set Up

Setting up your direct debit is quick and simple. With an account approval within 24 hours, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Simply provide your details online in a few steps and once you’ve received verification, log into your account to complete your profile information. Then you’re ready to start processing payments.

Direct Debit Solutions for Accounting & Bookkeeping | Biz Core

Convenient & Time-saving Payments

Get your accounting payments on time, every time. Our accounting direct debit system provides customers with flexible online payment processing, offering weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. You can update your recurring payment processing schedule and amount as needed, and send a new direct debit authority form with a click. With 24/7 access, it’s easy to make changes whenever you need to, helping your customers to pay on time so your cash flow stays healthy!


Intuitive System & Automatic Reporting

Our dedicated direct debit payable solution platform is an advanced, yet simple way to process payments and provide invoices to your clients. With an easy-to-use, intuitive online dashboard offering automatic reporting, data and insights at your fingertips – you can track every dollar, identify trends and forecast for the future.


Easy Payment Tracking

Tracking is easy with our online payment platform. Keep up to date with meticulous records of all your direct debits, including payments made and balances outstanding. To help you and your customers or members stay on track, we send automated notifications via text or email as reminders when payments are due or haven’t gone through.


Superior Data Security

Biz Core’s built in data security and encryption from Microsoft Azure means you can rest easy. Their state-of-the art security provides-multilayered data protection to keep you and your customers safe. Real-time global cybersecurity intelligence is used to quickly identify and respond to new threats. With Biz Core, you’ll have the benefit of our comprehensive and reliable direct debit management system and the assurance of Azure’s advanced protection.

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Why Use Biz Core Direct Debit for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers happy with express payment processing.
Paperwork is no longer a hassle when you can upload and sign documents from your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Payment Solutions to Suit Your Business

Biz Core caters to a range of businesses and industries. Get in touch today to discuss your particular business needs.

Save Time and Money

With a seamless and automated process, and 10% commission on customer charges for every successful transaction processed that month, Biz Core is here to help keep your costs down and your profits up.

Data Visualisation & Daily Reports

Track your daily transactions and view your monthly revenue all in one place.

System and Data Security

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your data is secure with state-of-the-art Azure cloud security.

Scheduled Payments

Never worry about payments again with payment automation solutions. Track successful and failed payments, and set automatic notifications and reminders.

Online Payment system for small to medium sized businesses

Our simple payments solution makes managing your income and cash flow a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re managing subscriptions, fees, repayments, or any other type of ecommerce transaction.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Make the customer experience that much better with direct debit integration, so they can pay from a wide range of banking institutions.
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Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments

Handle any type of recurring or subscription payment with ease. No matter the payment type, frequency, or logic required, we’ve got the system in place to make it a breeze.
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Payments Gateway

Payments Gateway

Don’t need the whole payment processing system? No worries, use your own merchant facilities and just make use of our simple payment gateway.
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Membership Payments

Membership Payments

Get members signed up, set the payments schedule, and then let Biz Core handle the rest.
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Payment Automation

Payment Automation

Increase business efficiency and know you’re getting paid on time. Automation features ensure you can instantly send out receipts, handle failed payment notifications, and log any customer contact.
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Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

Securely accept and process credit card payments with ease. All credit cards accepted.
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What is direct debit for accountants?

A direct debit is an authorised automatic transaction that transfers funds from a customer's bank account, rather than their debit or credit card, to a merchant account. Direct debits are often used for recurring scheduled payments, though they can also be used for one-off payments or for the payment of invoices.


For accountants, the advantages of using direct debit include:

Reducing late payments

Improving cash flow and increasing income predictability

Save time by reducing administrative tasks such as chasing late payments, reconciling payments and managing debtors.

How do I set up direct debit for my financial business?

Biz Core’s direct debit system ensures setting up direct debit for small business is a fast and simple process. The set up takes just 3 quick steps:

Set – Enter the payer details into Biz Core and set the payment schedule. The platform has purpose-built tools to make this quick and painless.
Sign – Once set, our smart software will automatically email a direct debit authority form to the payer which can be signed online.
Forget – Biz Core knows when the form is signed and will store it for you. Direct debits will now be automatic from the first scheduled payment date.


Contact our team today to schedule a demo and find out how Biz Core can support your small business.

Are there any risks to getting direct debit for accounting?

While direct debit is one of the most secure and convenient payment methods available, there may be some risks and disadvantages:

Payment time – each provider and banking institution has their own payment clearing time. So, depending on who a customer or business is with, there may be circumstances where payments can take up to 1–4 business days.

Public holidays – if a scheduled payment falls on a public holiday, it’s important to remember it will not be direct debited until the following business day. This is a minor inconvenience, but something to consider when forecasting cash flow.

Payment failures – though significantly reduced, payment failures may still occur if customers have insufficient funds in their accounts.