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Payment Processing for Indoor Sports Centres

Get a step ahead of the crowd with Biz Core’s direct debit payment solution for indoor sports and leisure centres.

How Biz Core’s Payment Processing Solution Benefits You

Give your sports and leisure centre a boost with simple online payment processing software. Biz Core is built to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience. Collect recurring and one-off payments with ease while you wave goodbye to messy paperwork, painstaking admin work, and missed payments.


Easy Direct Debit Set Up

Whether it’s hiring out facilities, setting up regular member payments, or any other payment for your indoor sports centre, Biz Core has the solution. One central payment system makes taking payments a breeze.


In 3 simple steps payments will be ready to go:

  1. Set – Enter the payer details into Biz Core and set the payment schedule. The platform has purpose-built tools to make this quick and painless.
  2. Sign – Once set, our smart software will automatically email a direct debit authority form to the payer which can be signed online.
  3. Forget – Biz Core knows when the form is signed and will store it for you. Direct debits will now be automatic from the first scheduled payment date.


Flexible Payment Options

Indoor sports centres are at the heart of so many types of social and community groups, special events, competitions and more. With so many factors to juggle, let us take the payment stress off your plate.


With Biz Core’s robust payment automation system in place, you can offer flexibility to your customers with a range of options:

  • Once-off payments – perfect for invoice financing and irregular payments
  • Set individual payment amounts – Give customers more flexibility with how much they pay in each instalment. Payments will continue until the full amount is paid
  • Choose an end date – the system will calculate the individual payment amount based on the total.
  • Take ongoing direct debits – set the payment amount and frequency with no end date.

You can easily view, alter, or cancel payments at any time. Send out a new direct debit authority form to the customer with a single click to get started on a new payment schedule or type.


Payment Tracking & Data Visualisation

Get paid on time, every time with Biz Core. Our automated payment system means your customers don’t need to worry about remembering to pay.


Get a high-level view of payments from the data visualisation dashboard, or view a customer’s payment history from their customer page. All the information is stored centrally so you can access it online at any time.


Affordable Payment Plans and Membership Offers

Flexible payments are extremely important, particularly for families, who might be using your indoor sports centre for different clubs and facilities. Basketball, swimming, gyms, health & fitness groups, and more, the list goes on. And with seasonal pricing and special offers, it quickly becomes tricky to handle all those different pricing structures.


With Biz Core, customers can pay in a range of ways with online direct debit and credit card payment processing functionality. Automated debit collection allows your business to set up easy, flexible, family-friendly payment options – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. So your members can affordably enjoy your facilities, and you can retain memberships year-round.


Work Smarter Not Harder to Stay on Top

Our Payment Processing Features for Indoor Sports Centres make it easy for you to stay on top of everything. Making life easier for you and your customers with more time to spend on what really matters.

Biz Core’s complete payment solution allows you to:

  • Automatically log your customers’ contact information, tracking the date they signed up
  • Monitor their payment history and instantly handle failed payments
  • Change payment details and schedule
  • Send out automated receipts, reminders, and notices
  • Record customer interactions
  • Upload and store documents
  • Send e-signature documents
  • + More!

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Benefits of Biz Core Payment Processing Software for Indoor Sports Centres

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers happy with express payment processing.

Paperwork is no longer a hassle when you can upload and sign documents from your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Payment Solutions to Suit Your Business

Biz Core caters to a range of businesses and industries. Get in touch today to discuss your particular business needs

Save Time and Money

With a seamless and automated process, and 10% commission on customer charges for every successful transaction processed that month, Biz Core is here to help keep your costs down and your profits up.

Data Visualisation & Daily Reports

Track your daily transactions and view your monthly revenue all in one place.

System and Data Security

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your data is secure with state-of-the-art Azure cloud security.

Scheduled Payments

Never worry about payments again with scheduled recurring payments. Track successful and failed payments, and set automatic notifications and reminders.

Online Payment System for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

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How do I get my indoor sports and leisure centre members to pay by direct debit?

Direct debit helps keep things simple for you and your customers. Using an online payment processing platform like Biz Core will make it easy to convince your customers to make the switch.

Once you have your user-friendly payment system ready to go, incentives are also a great way to encourage your members to pay via direct debit. Popular incentives include:

Offering small discounts on products or services for direct debit customers

Offer the first month free

Rewards cards

Waiving admin fees

Offer a once-off charitable donation for every customer who chooses to pay via direct debit

Can anybody set up a direct debit?

Any organisation can set up a direct debit as long as the customer has authorised the Direct Debit Instruction. With a direct debit payment processing solution like Biz Core, all you have to do is enter in the payer details and set the payment schedule. We then send out the direct debit authority form. Once confirmed by the customer, the direct debit payments are automated.

How does recurring payment processing work?

Once the repayment amount and the repayment schedule is agreed upon by you and your customer, the customer will be charged automatically via direct debit or their payment card.