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Streamline Your Finances With Biz Core’s Sports Club Payment System


Dreading that start of season rush? Members balking at those initial lump sum payments? Life is easier with Biz Core.


With Biz Core, you are opting for safer, more convenient payments for you and your members.


Make the switch to an online payment system for your sports club today.

Whether it’s soccer, AFL, rugby, netball, tennis, or any other sport, we can help make your business better. Take the next step to accelerate your club’s growth today with direct payment options for your members.


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Simple. Easy. Intuitive.

Stop time sinks and get back on the field sooner with Biz Core.
An online payment solution built for sports clubs, leagues, and associations.

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$0 upfront onboarding cost
10% rebate on successful transaction fees
No lock-in contract

Biz Core Benefits Clubs & Members


Sports Clubs


Easy cashless payment collection with automated direct debits Affordable memberships for players and families
Simple cost structure – 10% rebate on successful transaction fees Reduce the burden of start-of-season costs with a payment plan
Reduce missed payments & boost cash flow consistency Flexible payment options – choose when and how often Direct Debits occur
Enhanced security & easier audits Easy to modify and update payments

Plus More!
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Fast, Secure, Reliable

Say goodbye to manual and repetitive admin work. When you make the switch to Biz Core, you’ll be getting a payment system that puts in the hard yards for you. Transactions are processed swiftly with set-and-forget automation software, minimising the risk associated with handling cash.


Built-in security controls with Microsoft Azure Cloud Security ensure that sensitive information remains secure, providing peace of mind for both clubs and their members.


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Sports club payment system | Biz Core

Save Time With Automation

Make payments smarter and cut administrative burden with automated payment collection.


Recurring payments are a cornerstone of sports club revenue, covering subscriptions, memberships, and training fees. Making the move to Biz Core’s online direct debit system streamlines this process by automating recurring transactions, eliminating the need for manual invoicing. This ensures a steady and predictable income stream for the club.


Automated reminders keep your members in the loop and keeps your cash flow running smoothly.


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Online payment solution for sports | Biz Core

Boost Trust & Transparency

Transparent financial management is essential to any successful sports club. Biz Core’s online payment system provides real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor incoming funds, track expenses, and generate comprehensive financial reports with ease.


Fostering this level of transparency in your club builds trust among members and stakeholders, helping you to maintain a healthy financial environment.


Find out more about how direct debit for sports clubs can help you.

Hear what our clients say

Harcourts Property Centre

Their systems are not only first class, but they have been willing to create purpose-built solutions to best suit the needs of our business.

Aaron Brooks – Director

Our partnership with Biz Core has largely eliminated the challenging task of managing critical incoming revenue through our player registrations and membership subscriptions, enabling us to focus on the key areas of the club that help us improve on the value we offer our members.

Oakleigh Districts Football, Netball & Cricket Club

Swoosh Finance

Not only have they facilitated a significant amount of growth and diversity in our products, but they have provided exceptional agility and capacity to find solutions.

Brent McIntyre – Director


The Biz Core platform manages everything I need in a loan origination and management system with a clean interface that is easy to use. The system wasn’t designed to do exactly what I ask of it, but that didn’t deter the team at Biz Core, whose local support always responds quickly and with genuine interest to help. I have formed real relationships with the team and always receive a positive outcome.

Shannon Moore – Director

A Simplified Payment Solution For Your Club

Embracing an online payment system tailored for sports clubs is a game-changer in optimising financial operations. From expediting transactions to enhancing transparency, this solution empowers clubs to focus on their true passion – the sport itself.

Payment System Pricing For Sports Clubs


We’re all about making fees and costs as simple as possible.

That’s why there are only 3 charges associated with our complete payment processing solution:

Minimum monthly subscription fee

$0 – $99
Free for Sports Clubs!

Transaction fee

$1.99 $1.50

25% discount on transaction fees for Sports Clubs!

Direct debit dishonour

Transaction fee – charged to the business (the Biz Core subscriber)

$15 – charged to your customer


Why is sports membership payment software important?

Sports clubs have a range of fees and costs that need effective management. From day-to-day payments to competitions to club fees and membership, there are a lot of payment structures that need to be accounted for. A sports club payment system is built to meet these unique needs and make payment processing and collection simple.


Read more: Why is a Sports Payments System Important?

Can anybody set up a direct debit?

Any organisation can set up a direct debit as long as the customer has authorised the Direct Debit Instruction. With a direct debit payment processing solution like Biz Core, all you have to do is enter in the payer details and set the payment schedule. We then send out the direct debit authority form. Once confirmed by the customer, the direct debit payments are automated.

How do I get my sports club members to pay by direct debit?

First, keep it simple by having a user-friendly payment system, like Biz Core, that will offer your customers a hassle-free direct debit process. Life is busy and the last thing your customers want to do is battle complicated systems and arduous set up processes. That’s why Biz Core has you covered with our easy three step process: set, sign and forget!


Once you have your user-friendly payment system ready to go, incentives are also a great way to encourage your members to pay via direct debit. Popular incentives include:

Offering small discounts on products or services for direct debit customers.

Offer the first month free.

Rewards cards.

Waiving admin fees.

Offer a once-off charitable donation for every customer who chooses to pay via direct debit.

What should I look for in a direct debit solution for sports clubs?

The best direct debit solution for your sports club should allow you to:

Automatically log your customers’ contact information, including tracking the date they signed up

Protect customer data with state-of-the-art cybersecurity

Monitor their payment history and instantly handle failed payments

Change payment details and schedules

Send out automated receipts, reminders, and notices

Record customer interactions

Upload and store documents

Send e-signature documents


Contact Biz Core today to find out how our system can help make direct debits a breeze for your business!