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Setting Up Direct Debit for Small Business

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Direct debit has never been easier for small businesses in Australia. Gone are the days of manual processing, high rates and fees. Having an online direct debit system is beneficial for your business as well as your customers without the hassle of continuous paperwork, data entry filing or chasing up payments. Read on to get started with what you need to know about setting up direct debit for your business…

What is a Direct Debit Payment Platform?

A direct debit platform is when your business withdraws money automatically from a customer’s bank account without having to wait for them to approve each payment manually every time. For example, you might use a direct debit to pay your gas or electricity bills. It’s quick, easy and most importantly – stress free! Payments are pre-authorised, then electronically debited when payments are required from your customers. Direct debit is ideal for a wide range of businesses which need an easier method of membership payment collection, subscriptions, regular invoices or even collecting rent. It’s a reliable solution for any business seeking a faster way to collect payments from customers.

Direct Debit for Gyms, Schools to Childcare Centres

Setting up direct debit is quick, simple and suits a range of businesses from gyms, schools to childcare centres. Find out more about businesses benefiting from direct debit here.

How can Direct Debit Benefit my Business?

There are several benefits of setting up direct debit payments platform for your business. Here are some of the key advantages you’ll soon find once you’ve set up direct debit:

  • Faster Payments – Direct debit can simply help your business save time through automatic payment processing. With direct debit in place you no longer need to chase customers for payments.
  • Improve your Cash Flow – Fast payment processing not only means you’ll receive your cash more quickly, but you also have the freedom to set up ongoing payment instalments. Direct debit gives you the opportunity to set up payments more frequently – weekly, fortnightly or monthly which can help improve your cash flow.
  • Less Admin Work – Forget about relentless paperwork or losing customer information. A direct debit online system tracks everything for you, so you don’t have to, giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Better Forecasting – Getting paid on time, every time means your business can develop better forecasting for future expenditure and ventures. With the certainty of payment due dates, direct debit

How do I Set up Direct Debit with Biz Core™?

The Biz Core™ direct debit payments solution provides your business with a speedy set up and ongoing technical support, so you can rest assured you’re putting your transactions in the right hands. Getting started is as easy as 1,2, 3! If you’re ready to set up a direct debit payments system for your small business, follow our simple steps below:

  1. Provide your details online
  2. Wait for your personal verification notification
  3. Log into your account to complete your information profile

It’s really that straightforward! For more information on how it works, you can read more here.

What makes Biz Core™ Different to other Direct Debit Companies in Australia?

As a little kick back for our clients, Biz Core™ direct debit services offer 10% commission on customer charges for every successful transaction you process. Not only that, but we give you 100 per cent payment clarity on every transaction your business processes with automated updates so you can track every dollar as your business develops. Read more here about our commissions incentive.

At Biz Core™ we believe direct debit payments should always be hassle-free no matter the industry you’re in. That’s why our direct debit payments solution is designed for all businesses, making running operations smoother, simpler and easier to manage. Forget the paperwork today! Enquire now for an easier way to manage your cash flow.

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Our direct debit payment solution can assist sporting clubs such as swimming schools, AFL clubs, gymnastics clubs and more.

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Direct debits are taken automatically on the scheduled dates, giving you time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

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Just because we’re taking care of your payments for you, doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark.

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