Biz Core™ Direct Debit Commissions

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Biz Core™ Direct Debit Commissions

Get Money Back with Customer Commissions
Get paid by simply being our customer!

As a little kick back for our clients, Biz Core™ direct debit services offer 10% commission on customer charges for every successful transaction you process.

That’s right, we give commissions straight back to you so you can put the money back into your business! We want to make it as simple as possible for you to cover the costs of getting paid, so even if you decide to take on the transaction fees for your customers, our generous commissions put money right back in your pocket every month.


Total Payment Clarity

Our online direct debit payments dashboard is simple and easy to use, giving you complete clarity of your business transactions so you can track every dollar, forecast your income and plan ahead for your future business needs. There are no rabbit holes to climb through, just straightforward access to all your payment data!

Simple Fees

We keep our pricing structure plain and simple to make managing your payments a breeze. With no set-up costs and $0 running costs to you, the Biz Core™ direct debit payments platform is the most affordable way to automate your income. You’re in control of how you pay with our payment solutions.

We offer 2 simple payment options, so you can decide exactly how much you want to pay:

Pass on the Cost – Never pay set up or monthly processing costs with the ability to pass on low transaction fees to your customers. With a maximum of $1.99 per transaction, your customers get the advantage of set-and-forget payment processing with very minimal outlay.

Absorb Low Costs – Keep customers happy by absorbing transaction fees. This low cost is then offset by the commissions you receive at the end of every month. Happy customer + money back in your pocket = win-win!


How We Can Help You

Sporting Clubs

Businesses Of All Kinds

Our direct debit payment solution can assist sporting clubs such as swimming schools, AFL clubs, gymnastics clubs and more.

Automation System


Direct debits are taken automatically on the scheduled dates, giving you time to focus on the more important parts of your business.

Daily Reports Laptoptile

Daily Reports

Just because we’re taking care of your payments for you, doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark.

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